The XP line from Sage boasts a wide variety of lengths, ensuring that every fisherman can find the perfect fit for their perfect day on the water. Sage, once again has proven that they can mix, beauty, comfort, style and dependability without sacrificing a single, important element. Starting at 7’6” #4 in the 2-section series, and extending all the way to a substantial 10” #8, in 4-parts for ease of travel, the XP is easily one of the best rods that you can have for those long, and short, fishing trips. The Sage XP includes some of the fastest action blanks on the market and one of the best size selections that a rod line can offer. Anglers can enjoy easy fly fishing, or more exciting fast action when using any of the XP rods.

Used all over the world, even in some of the most challenging fishing situations, the Sage XP line has seen its fair share of praise from some of the world’s most talented anglers. The industrial chrome plating over stainless steel on the snakes leaves many fishermen praising the Sage XP line as State of the Industry, and along with the graphite composition, whichever rod you choose from the XP line is surely going to provide you with years of exciting line action. With an overwhelming majority of anglers seeing a 10% increase in their casting, putting them deep in the action when the streams are large and the fish are running hard, Sage XP rods can be found nearly everywhere that fly fishing takes place.