Not to be outdone by its successor, the Sage SLT rod line is still holding its own when it comes to being one of the best selling and best performing rods for any level of angler. With an astounding 33 different rods to chose from the lineup beginning with the 363-3 SLT, which measures in at a convenient 6’3” #3, all the way to the 10’ #8 8100-4 SLT, which also has proven to be one of the choicest pieces that anglers will add to their arsenal. With their unbelievable light-weight, smooth-taper and silky-smooth action, the Sage SLT line of rods are sure to keep your wells full when you hit the water. Featuring a deep, brownish green blank, this rod also looks as great as it performs.

Thousands of outdoorsmen have made the Sage SLT a staple in their lineup when looking to reap the rewards in cold mountain streams and rivers. Reports have come in from all parts of the country with fishermen raving about the SLT and its ability to not only catch brown, rainbow and brook trout, but also its excellent performance when used in warmer water lakes for bluegill and small-mouth bass. Pros and amateurs alike all enjoy the smooth action and easy handling that the SLT provides, as well as the diversity that Sage has given them with the enormous Sage SLT selection. For incredible stability, unmatched line control, and even better fish tales to tell after you use it, the SLT is the best bang for your buck.